Choosing The Right Type Of Paint For Your Needs

Water-Based Paint Vs. Oil-Based Paint

If you’re like most homeowners, house painting is not always at the top of your mind. But when it is time to give your home a fresh coat, determining the type of paint better suited for your project is paramount.


This blog post will help you choose between water-based and oil-based paints based on the critical aspects of a successful painting result.

What To Consider Before You Go To the Store

It’s essential to have a clear goal for our painting endeavor. There are different ways to achieve a high-quality and long-lasting result for your home. Consider the key factors below before choosing between water or oil-based paint.

Surface’s Condition

All surfaces must be dry and dust-free before starting your project, regardless of the type of paint you’re using. However, there are differences to consider.


Water-based paints can absorb moisture. This will thin out the paint slightly but will not alter the paint’s properties. Sanding is not needed unless the surface is damaged or previously painted with oil-based paint.


Oil-based paints require a dry surface to achieve proper adhesion. Otherwise will peel off before time. Preparing the surface is worthed when using Oil-based paint.

Dry Paint Finish

Water-based paint has a matte finish that defuses light evenly, and it’s perfect hide imperfections. Oil-based paint seals the surfaces creating a reflective sheen that is easy to clean. 

Weather Conditions

Water-based paints don’t do well when applying paint in adverse weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions such as low temperatures can extend the drying periods, and high temperatures dry it too quickly.

Oil-based paints are way more tolerant of differing weather conditions. There isn’t a significant impact on the application, drying times, and long-term paint performance.

Where To Use Water-Based Paints

Great for fast jobs and a matte finish, recommended outdoors and indoors.

Over time, it provides excellent color retention, dries faster than alternatives, and produces almost no smells. We recommend it for exteriors since water-based paints (latex especially) hold their color longer than alternatives. Its matte finish diffuses light more evenly on interiors, making a room’s atmosphere more welcoming and warm.

Where To Use Oil-Based Paints

Ideal for a high-gloss finish, we recommend it when you need superior durability.

It’s perfect for areas that see a lot of wear and tear, such as cabinets, baseboards, and door frames. The paint job will last much longer in these rooms than with any other type of paint. Effective for sealing porous areas prone to humidity and damping.

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