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Frequently Asked Questions

How much DOES it cost to paint a house, anyway? As each painting project is unique in it’s scope and complexity, it is impossible to say exactly. Painters regularly charge $30-$70 per man-hour on hourly projects, or $2.50-$6.00 per sq. ft. and up. To explore this in further detail, here.
While many painters require an upfront retainer to begin a project, Norman Painting Pros has never accepted or required any money upfront. We do not advise giving a painting contractor any money before work is completed, and we always reccomend hiring an established painting company to complete your painting projects.
Many factors can affect the cost to paint the outside of a two story home. The condition of the existing coating, the complexity of the coating system being applied, the number of colors and overall size of the home all come into play. Painters typically charge $30-$70 per man-hour plus material costs. Keep in mind peripheral materials such as tape, paper, plastic, caulking, filler, paint strainers and other supplies when estimating your exterior painting project!

How much SHOULD I pay a painter by the hour?That question can have MANY answers, but don’t let the “cheap guys” fool you. There’s a reason getting your space painted does cost money. Painters charge anywhere from $10-$40 per hour, depending on the type of work they are performing and the level of skill required for the project.

Absolutely! When hiring a professional painter to complete your painting project you recieve a myriad of benefits. The single most important asset you have is your time! By hiring a professional painting contractor, your time can be better spent on the tasks you love to do, all while your painter tackles the technical details that make a good paint job look fantastic!
It entirely depends upon you definition of “cheaper”. If you’re short on money and long on time, tackling that painting project yourself may seem like a wise decision but for most working professionals today, the loss in income producing activity while you complete your project yourself is a poor substitute for hiring a professional painter.
Whether or not your local paint contractor supplies paint for a project is up to the client, but in general yes, painters bring their own paint. As in any industry, established painting companies have negotiated bulk prices for popular paint products with many established paint suppliers such as Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore and Spectrum paint companies.

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