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    Norman Painting Pros is the top Residential & Commercial Painting Company serving in Norman Oklahoma.

    House Painting

    Residential work holds a special place in our heart because it's where we got our start. From new construction to drastic remodels, making our neighbors' places livable and loveable with paint and color is a true joy! Norman property owners, business owners and families have trusted us countless times to deliver the greatest house painting available here locally. Our painters can take the most unique of color or pattern requests or the most vague of ideas and turn them into exactly what our clients had pictured. Custom colors and even faux finishing styles straight from the 70's- we're the painters who've got what you want for your space. Whether it's outside painting, bedroom painting or the bathroom you need coated, we will happily deliver the very best. All you gotta do is let us know what you are looking for, take our no obligation estimate, and we painters will jump right on your project!

    Commercial Painting

    Have you ever tried to find a reliable painter to help you with your small business? Maybe you have a huge industrial buildings and have got to have those walls covered again asap. Do you have a commercial space with very specific requirements for, say, growing plants? Cooking food? Your church or local daycare walls have probably seen better days, right? Who can you trust to have those painting steps done correctly and with precision and class? Our painters are really the best. We're your local painting contractors for that need, guaranteed! Check out this project we did for a local dentist's office... Those walls were RED & YELLOW before we started! We completed this project over a holiday weekend while the Doc and his staff were off so that no patients were inconvenienced, and the staff could keep the schedule they required.


    ​At Norman Painting Pros, we are proud to tout that we offer the highest level of industrial painters in Oklahoma. Tailored industrial painting can make a huge difference to manufacturing companies and their operations. Our team knows this space very well. All about function over form, Industrial coatings are about creating a durable layer of paint that will withstand the harsh requirements of tough niche equipment and areas. We know there is a lack of knowledge in this area locally, so we are glad to bring our expertise to our local industrial friends in Norman. Just share your specific requirements with us and we will gladly bring you an appropriate and affordable service, making use of state-of-the-art industrial paints.

    Interior Painting

    Every property needs its own character and style to suit the people inside. This is the kind of thing that you can achieve through painting. If you've ever taken on a painting project in your abode, you know just what a huge process that can be. Aside from the technical aspects and need for equipment, just choosing the right product can be a lot. Ensuring that each room has its own, individual style while making sure that your kitchen painting and bathroom painting are done with the correct kinds of water-resistant paints can unravel out of hand really fast. The good news is, at Norman Painting Pros, we understand this fully and we make sure that each and every step of your job happens in proper sequence, in a superior fashion, and with the upmost respect for your space.

    Exterior Painting

    ​Just as for inside spaces, we proudly bring our city local residents and businesses our tailored outside painting, too. We all want to achieve the greatest curb appeal for our properties. At Norman Painting Pros, we always ensure that we use the most appropriate and quality products that are suited to the unique needs of the material of your surface. Our weather conditions require the upmost attention to detail and quality in the application of outdoor paint and coatings. One stiff wind on an April afternoon is likely to blow the paint right off some of our older buildings here in Norman! Make sure that's not your place. Our brick painting, siding painting, and even stucco or garage door painting processes all make use of weather-proof paint, which will ensure a beautiful, long-lasting result.

    Cabinet Refinishing

    Eventually, our cabinets show the wear they've gotten over the ages. Your once beautiful walnut finish begins to degrade down to something resembling a barn door- and not one of those fancy doors that glide on iron. More like one with the grime and fingerprints of a thousand pbj sandwiches and a few skillets of fried taters... Maybe you're a better cleaner than most and keep that everyday wear at bay. Is your only problem the dated appearance? Let's be honest, we all loved that deep red cherry wood of the 90s. Now that the mauve, country blue and hunter green have disappeared isn't it about time you had that clean white kitchen look you've been "Pinning" ideas on for a few years now? As something that we use so frequently, our cabinets are always in our view. Bring back life to your cabinets and your whole kitchen or storage closets with our custom cabinet refinishing. We will expertly deliver the highest quality cabinet painting and restoration available to you, our Norman neighbors.

    Frustrated painting your
    walls yourself?

    While painting seems like a simple task, there really is an art and skill to it. Achieving straight lines, complete coverage, and having the knowledge to choose the right paint and materials is what sets professionals apart from the rest. When you hire Norman Painting Pros, you can trust that we use the best painting contractors in the market and focus on providing you with an amazing finished product with our team of professional painters.

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    Customer Testimonials

    “I have never had such professional work done by painters that was this impressive. They are A#1 in my book! Thank you, Norman Painting Pros!!!!"

    – Ann K.

    “They painted our brick house white with black trim on the outside for us and did an AMAZING job! Super clean and precise with their painting. Not a single complaint! Their pricing is very competitive as well, and was even slightly cheaper than the other bid I got. On top of that, they were FAR more responsive than any other company I contacted. 5 stars!”

    – Laynie G.

    “They painted the interior of my house and did an excellent job. Professionals that do great work. I would recommend them to anyone!"

    – Shawn L.

    "They did a great job on my office. The entire project only took 3 days and it looked incredible when completed. I would highly recommend this company for your next project."

    - Dr. T. Turney

    Best Painting in Norman OK

    Our neighbors may be looking to update that 1960s ranch into something super modern or even take a retro sponge paint approach in their new modern loft. Maybe you just can’t resist the perfect Sooner Crimson covering every inch of your man-cave or movie room. Norman Painting Pros knows all the “laws” of painting things red! (They’re extensive!) Trust our professional painters to bring your residence, business or other space to life with our decades of experience, open minded creativity and upmost desire to serve and satisfy our local Norman OK clients with five star painting service!

    The professional service you’re after can be yours after your free estimate! From Oklahoma City boys to Norman business owners, we are so pleased to now be the professionals that Norman Depends on!

    Painting Services

    At Norman Painting Pros, we offer a broad spectrum of
    painting services, for all kinds of spaces we offer residential painting and commerial painting services, and much more. We have extensive experience in highly custom faux-finishing and can cover the most basic ofAdpragmatic and durable coatings. With such a wide variety of know-how, we are confident that we can cover any project you have in mind.

    The professional service you’re after can be yours after your free estimate! From Oklahoma City boys to Norman business owners, we are so pleased to now be the professionals that Norman Depends on!

    Painters in Norman Oklahoma

    Professional Painters

    Not all painter firms are created equal. With more than two decades of experience in every facet of painting, our dedicated painters have the knowledge and experience to make your project a success. From the initial dreaming and planning phase to our expert execution, our team of painters will be there every step of the way!
    We’ve had a lot of experience over the years as not only a residential client, but as a business owner in dealing with construction trade contractors of all kinds. We understand the sad fact that not all of our painter peers are professional across this fine city. We base our service and communication on the experiences we’ve had with our “people” before we were those people!
    Our experience in and around the whole Oklahoma City area has driven home our long-held belief that people are looking for quality painting contractors in our area of Norman, OK specifically. Some of the crews up north may not even travel far enough to address the needs of us Normanites! Our growing town has such a unique blend of new construction and many very established additions within our community.

    If you’ve recently found yourself tossing around the idea of a fresh paint job for your home, we’re definitely the right crew for you! Find out how much does it cost to paint a house from our experts at Norman Painting Pros. We’ll walk you through every facet you can think of when planning your paint job, down to the last detail if you choose to DIY it. We want all our neighbors to have beautifully painted homes, no matter how it happens.

    You may want some tips on how to find the best painter for your project… If you’ve been asking yourself “How do I find a good house painter?” you might be interested in reading our 7 step guide to finding the best painter for you. It’s a no-nonsense approach to hiring the right crew for you!

    Home and Commercial Painting

    As the leading professional painting company in Norman, Oklahoma and Moore, we have been supporting the wildest dreams and catering to the utilitarian needs of local Okie clients for almost 25 years. What started off as 2 young goofy brothers working as just ok, inexperienced painters helpers, quickly escalated to us learning under the demanding tutelage of a long-time Oklahoma contractor, we certainly learned and we’ve been earning our stripes since the late 90s. We are so proud now to be providing our community with access to the best paint work in town! We want everybody in Sooner nation to know that when they have a basic need or require a highly specialized painting contractor, they can depend on us. We bring a consistently higher standard of work and care to every task, continually making good on the unique needs of our customers. For us, nothing is more important than the satisfaction of our clients. From your initial contact with us, until our extensive cleanup sweep is complete- your residential or business space coating is our #1 priority! We dare someone to out serve us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much DOES it cost to paint a house, anyway? As each painting project is unique in it’s scope and complexity, it is impossible to say exactly. Painters regularly charge $30-$70 per man-hour on hourly projects, or $2.50-$6.00 per sq. ft. and up. To explore this in further detail, here.
    While many painters require an upfront retainer to begin a project, Norman Painting Pros has never accepted or required any money upfront. We do not advise giving a painting contractor any money before work is completed, and we always reccomend hiring an established painting company to complete your painting projects.
    Many factors can affect the cost to paint the outside of a two story home. The condition of the existing coating, the complexity of the coating system being applied, the number of colors and overall size of the home all come into play. Painters typically charge $30-$70 per man-hour plus material costs. Keep in mind peripheral materials such as tape, paper, plastic, caulking, filler, paint strainers and other supplies when estimating your exterior painting project!

    How much SHOULD I pay a painter by the hour?That question can have MANY answers, but don’t let the “cheap guys” fool you. There’s a reason getting your space painted does cost money. Painters charge anywhere from $10-$40 per hour, depending on the type of work they are performing and the level of skill required for the project.

    Absolutely! When hiring a professional painter to complete your painting project you recieve a myriad of benefits. The single most important asset you have is your time! By hiring a professional painting contractor, your time can be better spent on the tasks you love to do, all while your painter tackles the technical details that make a good paint job look fantastic!
    It entirely depends upon you definition of “cheaper”. If you’re short on money and long on time, tackling that painting project yourself may seem like a wise decision but for most working professionals today, the loss in income producing activity while you complete your project yourself is a poor substitute for hiring a professional painter.
    Whether or not your local paint contractor supplies paint for a project is up to the client, but in general yes, painters bring their own paint. As in any industry, established painting companies have negotiated bulk prices for popular paint products with many established paint suppliers such as Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore and Spectrum paint companies.

    All of our work at Norman Painting Pros is done up to the standards set forth by the PDCA (Painting & Decorating Contractors Association.) You can access those standards by visiting

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    If your pad or business has a need for any of the excellent painting services that we provide and you would like a quote, let us know about it! Give us a call today, at Norman Painting Pros, or use our form and tell us exactly how we can help you out. We want to give quality and satisfaction to every single client, every single time!

    Not an Okie?

    We have painting associates and trusted business partners across the nation and globe who also paint like we do! If you’re not in Oklahoma, and need painters you can trust, we might still be able to help you out. See our trusted partners via the following links or give us a call and we’ll try to pair you up with someone you can trust in your area! We know it’s a pain to find a good contractor, so let us help!