How do I find a good house painter?

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How do I find a good house painter?

Are you looking for a good house painter? You’ve come to the right place. We know how hard it is to find a good house painter, and we want to help you out.

Here at Norman Painting Pros, we have 7 steps that will help you find the best local house painters here in Norman, Oklahoma or for YOU in your area if you’re not an Okie.

You don’t want to hire just anyone, do you? With Norman Painting Pros, we make sure that every one of our painters is trained well with our 23 years of experience in residential, commercial & industrial painting. We’re also fully insured and offer free estimates on all jobs.
We never ask for money down! That’s how confident we are in our workmanship!

Good Painters Are Out There!

Do you know the specific qualities that you want in a painter, such as if they specialize in certain painting types like interior, exterior or industrial painting?
If not, do some research on different painters to find which one would be best for your needs. Once you have narrowed it down to a few people, call them up and ask about their experience with house painting projects before hiring them. Ask for references from previous clients who can tell you about the quality of work they did and how much it cost.
Be sure to get everything in writing so there are no surprises later when they come over to paint your home. When interviewing potential candidates, remember that asking questions will help both of you make an informed decision – don’t just hire someone because they’re cheaper than others!

Below are 7 steps to finding the best painter in your local area!

Get recommendations
Make expectations clear
Get estimates
Check references & past work
Consider their experience
Ask for a guarantee
Don't pay up front

Get recommendations from a great person you trust!

Do some digging to find people who are available. Ask your friends, neighbors, and business associates who they’ve used or recommend. A realtor is sometimes a great resource to find out who the best contractors around are- and a great painter is no exception. If you’re keen, call your realtor friend and ask who they would use! A good reference from someone you know, like and trust is often the most effective use of your time.
Google the house painters that you are interested in! Good or bad, you’ll get opinions from great readers and even experts! Many websites and experts have a public opinion on who is good in their field of work; thousands of people have millions of opinions about which painter they’d hire- and the people of the internet are no exception.
Pay close attention to their websites, they might tell you who the good guys are and which house painters to look out for. Reviews are a good way to research who is the best in your local area! You can’t always make a good judgement without hearing both sides of the story. It’s normal for a business to have a couple of bad reviews- if you’ve been out your DOOR lately, or even just checked your phone, you can tell that people have a lot to say about a lot of stuff… So, if a business has one or two “off” looking reviews, try to give them the benefit of the doubt.
If a business has been operating for a long time, especially, they’re bound to have the volume it takes to have a couple of dissatisfied customers eventually. If most of their reviews are good, they might be worth giving a shot! Good businesses will usually have more good reviews than bad. You can tell a lot about a business based on its reputation…. Good businesses that are known for trying to take care of their customers and do the right thing, tend to get good reviews…
Reputable businesses are likely to make amends and stand up for themselves if they have missed the mark a time or two. If a company has responded to their bad reviews online, this can give you some insight into the fact that they probably really do care and have made efforts to better their business and process.

This is YOUR House!

cabinet painting services

Make your expectations clear to the painters you reach out to. Let them know exactly what you’re looking to accomplish in your space. Good painters will respect that you have a vision and can help them understand the scope of your project. Even Angi’s list gets it right when they say, “As a potential customer, you should always feel your thoughts are heard, your questions are answered and your needs are met.” (1) Good contractors know that good communication is key to a successful outcome for everyone involved. You may be living in the space you want painted or have special needs or time constraints for your paint job. If you have cabinets or wood that has been previously painted with an inappropriate substance, it may need to be stripped. Good painters can help advise you on what material/paint to use for this job or recommend a different product to go over the top of the new substrate. Your space is a place that you should have a say-so in- so communicate your expectations to your painter. Good painters will also be able to create a timeline- whether it is for the duration of the project, or the time that they expect your living space to be out of commission. Good painters want you to trust them with a big project- and they want to prove themselves worthy of your trust. Good communication breeds this great relationship.

For Interior OR Exterior Painters, Get an Estimate!

It’s always a good idea to consult at least a couple of companies before moving forward with your project. When you engage with companies, you get to know more about their process and communication style. This allows you to not only get their estimate for the cost of the paint job, but you can experience what it’s like to be their customer. Do they answer their phone? Do they call right back if you leave a message? Do they follow up after the estimate? Good communication is a key factor in building a relationship with your painter.

A painter’s estimate should be a line item form that includes labor and materials cost, not some arbitrary number off the top of their head. Good painters know what their prices are upfront because they have data about the cost of materials, their staff, their equipment and even overhead!

The job will take a specified amount of time in person-hours and whatever it costs to purchase the paint and other materials it takes to do a great job! Those materials include caulking, tape, paper, plastic, filler, scrapers, and more. Good painters also need ladders, spray rigs, buckets, brushes, rollers, trays and many other things. Good painters will provide you with an estimate based on the square footage of the area you want painted. Good painters may even have room to negotiate if they know what their bottom line is! Good estimates will include things like the type of paint the painters will be using as well.
Don’t just hire anyone. Good painters are worth it!
You have an important asset- Your home. The paint job protects this investment and keeps it looking shiny and beautiful for many years to come. Make sure you find the right crew for YOU

A Reputable House Painter IS Out There!

Check references & past work! When you’re referred to a painter, you might find it helpful to look at the work they did for your friend. Good painters can provide you with at least a few references to check out.
Good quality house painters leave behind good quality paint jobs and your home is an investment you can’t afford to take lightly. You’ll find a reputable house painter when you look at the things they’ve done in the past– Perhaps there are before and after pictures on their website, or other online properties. Those are a great place to check out pictures of their work! Good painters want to leave you with a job well done! Your Good House Painter will have their work available for perusal. Good house painters are proud of their work and they show it off! Watch out for the Good House Painter that doesn’t really do much – If they’re not able to provide you with references or any kind of pictures of their work, perhaps they haven’t been doing it very long, or don’t take pride in the services they offer.

With Great Experience Comes Great Painters

Consider their experience and credentials. Great painters have the experience and know-how to do a good job. They may have trained under a mentor, or they might have experience with other trades that have helped build their skills as a painter. There are many ways to get experience as a painter. Starting off as a gopher (go-fer in Oklahoman) or a painter’s helper is how most get started. Doing the heavy lifting, so to speak, until they learn the ropes. Eventually the helpers will move beyond doing the prep-work and running around. They will pick up a brush and learn to cut in and roll, eventually moving up the ranks in the proper techniques of using airless sprayers to apply a variety of coatings to many different surfaces. All of this education occurs on the job under the tutelage of a mentor who loves to teach.

“…Don’t just hire anyone. Good painters are worth it!.”

Norman Painting Pros

The Best Painters Offer a Guarantee

Ask for a guarantee. Don’t be afraid to ask for a guarantee on your paint job. Reputable paint manufacturers offer a warranty on the paint itself, so if it’s applied correctly to the appropriate surface, your painter should have no problem guaranteeing their work. Most painters can offer a one year warranty on their jobs, and this is more than enough time for the client to determine whether or not the paint will stick! It’s typically quite evident from the start if there is something array in the job.
At Norman Painting Pros, we’re proud to use only the highest quality paints and products purchased locally here in Oklahoma. We do offer a one year guarantee on our quality work as well!

“As a potential customer, you should always feel your thoughts are heard, your questions are answered and your needs are met…”

Don't Pay Up Front!

Many of us have become accustomed to paying a bit of money down for home improvement projects.

At Norman Painting Pros, we don’t believe that’s the right way to do business. We don’t ever ask for money before starting a project.

We want to build a rapport and trust with our clients, and want them to be satisfied with our work. That’s why Norman Painting Pros follows a strict punch-out list procedure at the end of every job. Our touch-up crew, with their extra keen eye for detail, will turn through your property after our job to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our work BEFORE you’re ever invoiced. This kind of confidence and pride in our work has earned us some excellent reviews and feedback from our happy clients in Norman and beyond!

“Our job is to make sure you’re completely satisfied before you’re EVER invoiced. “

Norman Painting Pros